Haha: Remi Says… (#3) – W. Maxwell Prince

3 out of 5

Mimes count as an “elegant” offshoot of the “The Whiteface Clown,” according to clownantics.com. Alright, Prince, I guess this issues gets a pass.

So a couple of average issues in, and I guess Haha may not be the smiley-face juxtaposition to Ice Cream Man I thought it was shaping up to be. Fair enough – one perfect issue of that was, I imagine, tough enough to pull off, and if this series is, rather, going to be Prince scripting clown-themed one-offs, tailored for a hand-picked cadre of artists, well, I’ll certainly keep buying. Because even if this boils down to what I’d consider “standard” Roger Langridge fare – a mostly silent issue featuring a mime, who discovers a mimicking robot (decked out in lil’ porkpie hat and bowtie!) that suddenly nets his act attention – the artist’s bright and cartoonish pictorials and comic timing are surely second-to-none, and Prince gives the tale a nice, sardonic edge. As I’m suggesting, there aren’t many surprises to Ramy Says… – with the humorous tone, and once the mime and robot are introduced, the general direction can be figured – but each creative adds their own flavor to it, making it a fun and worthwhile read.