Golden Kamuy vol. 10 – Satoru Noda

4 out of 5

Shiraishi has been taken by the 7th Division, and though only Sugimoto really considers rescuing him – after a moment’s humorous reflection from everyone on The Escape King’s general obnoxiousness – the team backs him up, and all are on their way to that goal. Shiraishi’s fear of Saichi figuring him as a traitor throws seemingly unnecessary wrenches into various rescue plans, and volume 10’s chapters mostly track those efforts. But less directly, the tankobon collects a lot of great, if scattered, character moments across the board – Tsurimi; Inkarmat; more great, emotional beats between Asirpa and Sugimoto; and so on. Each chapter is fantastic, with Noda’s big, wild ideas – a fight aboard a flying aircraft! – never exceeding his artistic grasp, with the photo-tracing / -reference of the wilderness effortlessly, and breathtakingly mixed in. Only because these are all steps supporting the Shiraishi thread, which is played for yuks more than anything, does it maybe feel a notch less epic than usual, but each of those individual steps – say, reading this chapter by chapter Weekly Young Jump – is a great experience.