Fah – Not Enough Fahzers

4 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by: Dean Honer (mastered by)

The closer on Fah’s CPU debut – one of their earliest releases – won me over. ‘Magnetic Freedom’ hangs in there with the same casual funk of the rest of “Not Enough Fahzers,” but it starts adding in some magic along the way – adding in pieces, taking them away, delightfully warm synths – and then, in its final section, hits a hard stop and returns, breaking the whole thing down and restructuring it madly; wonderfully. ‘Freedom’ had me going for return spins on this EP with a closer ear: what initially came across as a totally pleasing, if rather laid-back, DMX Krew-y set of jams, had this sense of affectation sprinkled across most of its preceding tracks. It’s subtly rewarding beyond its unavoidable toe-tappiness. The opening title track is kind of a fake out in that sense: it sets the pace of 80s drums and light funk, but is also the most simplistic thing here, lacking the itchy keyboard layer of followup ‘Casting the Rod’ and ‘Glowism’s awfully awesome grime backbone; it puts you in the mindset of background music instead of something to be engaged in.

The B-side – which kicks of with Glowism – is more aggressive and more challenging, but it’s ‘Magnetic Freedom’s final few moments that really seal the deal, and make the return trips desirable. Right from the start of the label, CPU was doing very impressive things.