Elvira’s 40th Anniversary, Very Scary, Very Special, Special

3 out of 5

Written by: Eric Kornfeld, Cassandra Peterson

A 4-movie event on Shudder for Cassandra Peterson’s character’s 40th anniversary, the actress shows that her creation is same-as-she-ever-was, which is a great thing: the low budget vibe; the double-entendres; the playful mix of the jokes being both purposefully bubble-headed and then whip-smart within the same sentence… But for an anniversary special, the presentation also feels rather offhand. Of course, that’s part of that low budgetness, but beyond some vague links, and the first one being obvious, the selection of movies –Elvira, Mistress of the Dark; House on Haunted Hill; City of the Dead; Messiah of Evil – feels somewhat random, and we simply don’t get enough of our hostess to make it feel like an event. It is, for almost all intents and purposes, just another episode of any given version of Elvira-hosted movie nights.

The plus side is that that familiarity, and the fact that Peterson / Shudder did not try to change the formula to compare to their other movie-hosting series – Joe Bob – suggests the two hosts could and should live side-by-side on the service, offering a different type of movie (Elvira going more towards camp classic) and a different vibe.

A very fun, if pretty lightweight, “special.”