DMX Krew – We Are DMX (Cold Blow reissue)

5 out of 5

Label: Cold Blow

Produced by: Ed DMX (original); Janne “J”, Pete Spara (reissue)

A reissue of one of my favorite – and either thus or because of that, one of the best – DMX Krew albums.

Ratings on reissues are based on bang for buck, and Cold Blow have surely granted us that bang: not only is the packaging of this spot on, reproducing the cover art and adding (I think? I haven’t dug my CD original out of my collection and I’m referencing photos) a lyric sheet and the reissue label / production info, wholly syncing with the font and design style – that is, everything new looks like it belongs as part of the glorious old. The pressing itself sounds fantastic: deep; warm; sharp. Plus: single-only track Denki no Merodi, and three instrumentals (Street Boys, Konnichi Wa!, Good Time Girl) which help to show off how slick and smart Ed’s beats are; not only fun and familiar but with the subtle personal flourishes that’s helped make them (and his work) stand the test of time.

A definitive version.