DMX Krew – Overseer

4 out of 5

Label: Cultivated Electronics

Produced by: Ed DMX

Already coasting into 2021 with some brilliant releases – one funky, one downtempo – Ed DMX cuts a quick and dirty bit of electro goodness for Cultivated Electronics, dialing in on the simple rhythms and synths at which he excels, due to his keen ear for crafting unique variations on those beats and adding just enough flourish to keep things exciting along the way.

This is fairly cutting edge stuff in a way – Cultivated has done a good job of doing what their label name suggests and boiling down to releases that take notes from 80s house and 90s / 00s IDM with an eye more modern, get-the-job-done affectations – and Ed’s work here is a primary example of that, sounding fresh and daring while keeping feet on the dancefloor.

Though running 4- or 5-minutes apiece, these tracks fly by a lot faster than that, laying down some moody boogie that edgily amps up over the course of any given song. Only closer Diaspora dips in this department a bit; it’s an interestingly muted inverse of the opening title track, but it falls back onto too much repetitiveness. But because of how solid the overall EP is, and how quickly it goes by, this is a minor hiccup that goes away as soon as you flip the LP and start again.