Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective vol. 1 TPB – Matt D. Wilson

5 out of 5

A collection of the amazing first arc of Copernicus Jones, looking wonderfully bright and clean in a printed format, with a really glowing intro from occasional pulp guy Greg Rucka.

I’m very pro digital comics – it’s how I read this – but I can’t help but feel like it’s a graduation when a digital-first makes it to print. Similarly, when the printing is quality, it’s like a vinyl vs. CD thing: the same images on paper just feel… different; for those of us who collect physical media, that feeling is seemingly worth something.

The spot colors and gray tones come across really well, and, again, due to whatever made up consequence of it being printed, Kevin Warren’s open art style gains some depth on the page. Includes a few bonus strips (one hilarious, one okay, one sorta eye-rolly but worth a smile) and several pinups. The rating is indicative of the value (versus quality of the contents, considered in the original review), which I wholly believe is there.