Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective: Recall (#8 – 9) – Matt D. Wilson

3 out of 5

While getting off to a great start, fully back in to the personable vibe of the original arc, ‘Recall’ opts for a flashback / present day setup in its second issue that can’t prove its usefulness… because the story’s concluding chapters haven’t been published. (Or are not available through Comixology, at least.)

The opening book does a great, compressed lead-in to P.I. Copernicus’ recalling a case from his policing days, and allows the hooks of the story and Matt D. Wilson’s well-timed humor and rich dialogue to work their magic as it stays in its past setting, but the second issue starts jumping back and forth without a clear throughline, making neither half of the story feel like it gathers much steam. It’s very likely this problem would be resolved by a followup issue or two, but without this, it minimizes the good works of the preceding issue.

Kevin Warren really gets to push the noir lighting throughout, though, and Josh Krach’s lettering is again very solid and readable, so the books do look great, and read breezily.