The Green Lantern (#7 – 12) – Grant Morrison

3 out of 5

I know that comics is crazy, and that reviewing the history of any given character’s / title’s lineage back through silver and golden ages will reveal all sorts of gob-smacked nonsense, but with the bits and bobs Grant Morrison has recycled up into his 2019 revamp of Green Lantern, GL is frikkin’ crazy.

Multiverse instances of GL, and other space hero leagues, unite for… something?  During the first half of Grant’s initial “season,” Hal Jordan became an undercover cop in order to sabotage the evil badguy plans of Controller Mu.  We knew – because it’s Grant, but also because there were plenty of hints dropped – that there would be more to this, when that initial mission seemed to come to something of a conclusion, and the back half of the season follows through on that.  But not before we traipse through the various Lantern iterations, issue by issue (including a left-field – but definitely fun – GL / Green Arrow team-up in issue 8), with chaos breaking out on the outskirts of things that’s traced back to those dropped hints.  It’s all waaaay over my head during an initial read, and much like a lot of Morrison’s maxi-series machinations, I’m sure it will benefit from a reread once I have the general pacing and gist down.  But, as ever, what keeps it afloat is how inventive and enjoyable Grant keeps things, while tamping it down to some kind of internal logic that prevents it from just seeming like a random mish-mash of historical nods and plot twists.  Liam Sharp’s heavy, detailed linework keeps the thing chugging with amazing consistency across a range of out-there fantastical spacescapes, with Steve Oliff’s colors managing a tricky balance between gloomy and bright.

What’s lacking here, though, is the sense of direction issues 1 – 6 had.  The series definitely comes together towards the end (and, as mentioned, I suspect it will do so even better upon rereads), but because of the jumping around to gather up different Lantern multiverse instances, issue by issue, things are much more scattered here, and it’s hard to understand why we’re drifting from one book to the next.  (I still don’t really get how the Green Arrow teamup factors in…)

This is in line with the kind of revamps Grant has done before, especially on Batman, but damn, GL’s history must be a crazy nightmare for all the extra-special weirdness that makes an appearance here.