The Flying Sausage: La Revanche – Keith Pakiz

4 out of 5

Is this the same little Beaufois?  And if so, how did he get from there to here?  While we might never know the answers to those questions, Keith Pakiz again delivers his wonderfully squirrely, water-colored cartooning for a snapshot of an air battle ‘tween a pug-piloted French plane and some German fighters.  While there is one page that features the paneling issues I had with the previous Flying Sausage book (if a panel bleeds into another, my eye will naturally go to that panel…), it’s on a page where the reading order doesn’t negatively impact the story, nor does it feature any dialogue; in other words, the issues that prevented me from enjoying FS vol. 1 are primarily absent here, leaving just the visual poetry of the scrabble.

Now, I do find war comics to be problematic to read at times – planes and uniforms look quite similar – but Keith uses color (blue for French; yellow for German) to differentiate, and once you key into that, the battle is quite immersive, percolating in a stirring and awesome final couple pages.

But damn that Beaufois!  What happens next??