Myspace Dark Horse Presents vol. 6 TPB – Various

3 out of 5

A questionable “organization” into six parts, but otherwise rather business as usual for the series: pretty average stuff.  Editor Scott Allie and assistant editor Brendan Wright apparently did the divvying up of tales into Part One: Contact, Part Two: Story Time, and etc., but… why?  The sequencing of stories is one thing; as invisible an art but as important as many aspects of editing, and MDHP vol. 6 is well sequenced such that its genres are well juggled and the tone is pretty varied, but the Parts are just confusing.  There’s no real difference between them, at least to my readerly eyes, and I dunno, it suggests some deeper connection that sort of disappointingly doesn’t exist.  Contact should / could be about discovery, Drawing on Your Nightmares (Part Five) horror stories, but in both cases… no strong theme emerges.

That quibble aside, nothing really stands out, but nothing sinks the ship either.  You’ll find good entries by names you like (Evan Dorkin, Stan Sakai, Scott Morse, etc.), and a good selection of middling stuff that’s not mind blowing, but generally interesting enough to maybe mark a writer or artists as someone to watch.