Mortimer Megazine: Field Guild to Cults & Gangs (Vol. 0) – Edited by Michael Koehler

2 out of 5

‘Field guides,’ generally, should combine some information plus some art dedicated to the subject matter.  This ‘field guide to cults & gangs’ promises good stuff, with a pretty funny back cover explanation – gangs have been forming ever since the ‘enlightened gill people’ evolved from the first leggy fish – and, at a flipthrough, a promise of some varied art styles from 13 different artists.  Unfortunately, while the art does come in a nice range of collage, anime influences, cartoon strips, and more, the whole ‘field guide’ concept seemed to be not adhered to by all except for one or two of the artists, with others just opting for art pages.  Combine that with some unfortunate typos (unfortunate because it knocks a nice looking mag down to an amateur tier) and a couple of entries that veer way off the mark – like I’m not even looking at a ‘cult’ or ‘gang’ as I’d know it – and the collection feels like a miss.

FYI – I’m just guessing at Michael Koehler’s role here as editor.  He edited the other edition of these field guides, and started the Mortimer publication.