Me and the Muad’Dib – Eli Tripoli

3 out of 5

I don’t know no Dune from a fish-shaped hole in my shoe – I never got around to the books (though I coolly carried one on me for a while in high school, and got through like ten pages of it), and its been a few hot minutes since seeing the movie – but Eli Tripoli apparently does, maintaining, at various points, a blog and a zine related to the worlds of Dune.  Browsing his comics work, while he offers up various levels of detail or realism, he sticks to a rather flat, zine-y style (simplified figurework and perspectives), with ‘Me and the Muad’Dib erring toward a very loose, childlike version of that.  Which is fitting, since this tiny (2″ x 5″ or so) pamphlet is a essentially a child’s recollection of why emperor Paul Atreides rocks, giving us a mini-review of Dune terminology in the meantime.  In fact, it’s almost like propaganda for the emperor, even including some religiousy hyms in the back.

The book itself is cute, if I can use that term here, and rather fascinatingly narrow in scope, but when you’re producing things at the DIY zine level, that’s what ya do.