Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether Annotated Process Book

3 out of 5

While this was absolutely a wonderful bonus to come alongside the wonderful Lady Sabre book, it unfortunately doesn’t offer much annotation or process. Greg and crew were already printing their script pages for their webcomic on each individual page; it’s obviously awesome to have that collected here – and as a bonus item, it’s glossy cover, solid binding, and crisp printing and pages are definitely appreciated – but due to its description, it feels like promise unfulfilled. Admittedly, had it just been called a scriptbook, I’d likely feel more favorable towards it: Greg writes for his artists, and thus gives Rick Burchett a lot of leeway in most spots that’s interesting to compare to the final pages. There are also a lot of “film” like directions in his scripting that I haven’t seen in other comic scripts, so that’s cool.

Alas, enticing us with annotations disappoints, as this is very akin to a lot of movie directors’ commentary tracks, during which there’s a good amount of ramble at film’s start, but then it tapers off into occasional snippets, which are more just opinions on what’s happening versus insight into process.

Some here and there sketches from Burchett are included, but again, unfortunately not enough to really feel like a look inside.

A super cool inclusion as a perk, but a glimpse at the possibilities of what it could’ve been can’t help but make you ask for more.