Iceman & Angel (one-shot) – Brian Clevinger

3 out of 5

This reads like a Revenge of the Nerds spin-off starring two frat-boy X-Men.

Bobby Drake and Warren mess up their Spring Break plans and instead have to spend the day puttering about Manhattan.  Major bummer!  They pick up some chicks, have banter, and then stumble across Goom, a monster from planet X who’s doing some havoc-wreaking and not paying much mind to the X-Men who suit up and try to stop him.

Later, problem solved, Bobby and Warren can high five when they find themselves surrounded by ladies in bikini.  Bro!

Yeah, it’s pretty dumb, but Clevinger seems to purposefully be writing for that mindset, given that his monster hijinx end up taking us by a college campus…  With Juan Doe’s anime tinged, expressive art style, the one-shot bounces along, and the darts and dodges to the norm Brian writes around Goom are definitely worth a chuckle.