I Am Not Okay With This (#0) – Charles Forsman

4 out of 5

This was a Patreon-supporter bonus, which is how I’m rating it: as a free gift to paying fans.  That’s exactly the kind of stuff Patreon can be great for, and this was a thoughtful use of that – the extra pages to be added to a then-upcoming expanded edition of I Am Not Okay With This, collected in a black and white zero issue.

Of course, they’re presented without context, which is why I’m knocking off a star, as it’s sort of like a rushed gift: a really nice thought, but something that won’t get that much use, because my knee-jerk reaction to these pages without that context is that they sort of George Lucas all of ‘I Am Not Okay With This,’ but that’s not a very fair reaction – even if I can assume where the pages would fit in the story – because I really should see how they fit within the flow of the entire tale.

So this makes a lot of sense: Patreon supporters probably already read the book, and you’re giving them the expanded material for free.  At the same time, you’ll likely want to rebuy the book any way to see if Chuck’s intention of smoothing out the flow was actually succeeded.