Hilda – Hilda’s Back! FCBD 2017 – Luke Pearson, Jen Lee

4 out of 5

Exactly a demo of two Nobrow titles which are smartly grouped together for their similar target demographics – quirky kids and weird adults – this FCBD offering may not be much for readers who already own either featured title, but it’s otherwise a pretty perfect sampling.

Luke Pearson’s creepy / cute folk tale adaptation / myth building – Hilda – gets a handy summary page and then gives us a few page preview of Hilda’s latest antics, in which she becomes a troll.

Jen Lee’s garbage night introduces us to a gang of anthropomorphic teens scavenging for scraps in a rub down townscape.  The mood is light, but the potential for some good Life Questions are definitely there, though the excerpt would’ve benefitted from the same type of context-setting intro as Hilda, as its not quite as entertaining as a standalone.

Which isn’t to say it isn’t interesting, and this isn’t to say that this isn’t this a good FCBD grab for those new to either title.