Grumpy Cat and Pokey (#1 – 6) – Various

2 out of 5

This is pretty much exactly like the preceding mini-series, but less tolerable.  It’s hard to say exactly the reason why, as it’s mostly the same creative teams returning (meaning the same pluses and minuses), but I think the joke – a Garfield and Odie sister/brother cat proxy – just wears thin after six issues.  They’re all quick reads, and there’s some funny genre spins (cats as detectives; cats in a post-apocalyptic future; etc.), but again, three issues is about the limit for this… and thereafter it’s a title in search of a narrative.  To this end, writer Ben Fisher actually takes steps to connect his stories, with recurring characters and references, and rather eyebrow-raisingly cautions into many no-way-kids-are-getting-this nods to films/culture or meta jokes… but he’s just a drop in the bucket o’ material here, which wears through its good will after a couple issues.