Gotham Central: On the Freak Beat (#26 – 27) – Ed Brubaker

4 out of 5

Brubaker’s turn: we switch back to Josie and Driver.  What looks like a heist gone wrong – involving a notable televangelist – has hints of Catwoman to it, excepting some conflicting details on which Josie is keen.  Using some bits of her extra-human “finds lost items” power, and with some background assistance from Catwoman herself, Josie – and Driver – track down the real perp, with a good cycle of interrogation room scenes and a Scooby Doo-type reveal.  It’s all in good fun, but with a noir dusting that fits it into the Gotham Central mold, and Ed having fun inserting his take on Catwoman and Slam Bradley into things.

With Lark apparently departing the title, the book starts to search for similarly-styled replacements, and find Jason Alexander for two-parter.  While Alexander’s excessively hatched characters and rough edges is in the same world as Lark, it’s a bit too heavy-handed for the story, and exaggerates characters’ expressions and behaviors unpleasantly, making for the only downside of the arc.