Gotham Central: Corrigan II (#38 – 40) – Greg Rucka

3 out of 5

Dissapointed?  You probably should be.  These last few issues of Gotham Central weren’t a very satisfying end to the series – more of a downtrodden capsule of the depressed, blood-soaked state the DCU would enter during Infinite Crisis mode – and aren’t very satisfying in their own right, as they act as a transition point for two characters, Crispus and Renee, than as vital GC plot points.

In short: Crispus is shot and killed by Corrigan – there’s no mystery here, this is shown in the first issue – and although it doesn’t happen in these pages, elsewhere in the Crisis-related issues, Cris becomes The Spectre.  Renee knows Corrigan will get away with it, and Gotham Central concludes with her turning in her badge, which is really just so she can get on with her arc in 52, because Greg Rucka deemed it so.

The art team of Kano and Stefano Gaudiano got few precious issues to shine, and though Kano’s character work (maybe Stefano added some inky meat to the backgrounds?) helps offer grit to the hefty emotions at play in the squad and interrogation rooms, the story is, by nature, very talking heads and muted overall.  And because there’s zero Batman or rogues involvement, even peripherally, it really feels like Gotham Central as we knew it ended in the last arc, with Corrigan II just an epilogue.