Goats Eat Castanets (# -01) – Ryan Browne

1 out of 5

Well, I’d say we knew what we were getting ourselves in to.

Goats Eat Castanets is a completely rescripted version of God Hates Astronauts second series’ first issue.  Why?  Ryan Browne asks himself (and the reader) that a few times in the book’s dialogue.

The plot is irrelevant; Browne vaguely stitches something together about real estate deals, fakely professed love, and a war on flavor, but the original GHA script is already so random that to re-roll the dice to try to shake it up more is a questionable enterprise that produces a rather unreadable issue.  By the second time Browne has one of his characters ask us why we’re still reading this, it’s clear the “this is a funny idea!” train has run out of steam.

…Buuuut: while I will likely never read this again, would I fund another issue of it?  You betcha.  Ryan is one of the most inspired creatives of the current era, and while this was ultimately a failed experiment, I think it’s great that he had the inspiration to try and saw it through, and if that keeps his writing and drawin’ gears a’turnin’, then I’m glad to support that.  And you get new fake quotes on the back cover.