GLX-mas Special (one-shot) – Dan Slott

3 out of 5

Since this is composed of several different-artist-drawn bits, you’d think writer Dan Slott would have over-indulged in his previous over-indulgence of random humor from the preceding GLA mini – which I’d criticized as, essentially, unfunny – but instead he does his more effective funnyman bit of drawing out situational / character humor, and strings together a loose, connecting plot in which Squirrel Girl takes on SHIELD-level foes in the background while the rest of the GLA foils a new Dr. Tannenbaum trap.  Then, years later, I would summarize the issue in one long sentence.

All of the artists deliver to-the-point, quality work; Paul Grist offers up a Doorman piece that’s, like, the only Grist stuff I’ve ever enjoyed; and Mike Kazaleh gives us a funny, slapstick Tippy Toe vs. Deathurge episode.  The Squirrel Girl vs. aspect is legitimately humorous, and Slott better leverages the minor beats of seriousness he tried out in the other series.

A better-than-average X-Mas special because it actually has a plot, actually has some earned chuckles, and actually “matters” for the characters involved.