Ghost Wolf vol. 2 (#1 – 4) – El Torres

3 out of 5

I love the little network of lore El Torres has built between Ghost Wolf and Rogues; I love that the former is so bloody and Conan vs. the latter’s camp.  But I wish he’d give himself some more room to flesh out that lore, as the second volume of Ghost Wolf is absolutely too short at four issues.

And it’s not that it’s overstuffed – that’s not Torres’ style – it’s more that there’s a certain grace (mixed with blood and guts) to the way Torres is building up the presence of the Wolf as this almighty myth, tied very much into the nature of storytelling, that demands more space.  We drift from character to character (a new Wolf; her daughter, a witch; a deathly mage; a tattooed, knife-wielding villainess) and there’s so much possibility with each that it’s momentarily disappointing when we have to shift away.  When the story pieces start to align later on, that feeling increases: it’s so awesome sensing the potential depth of this world that we want to step back and learn more.

Alas, you won’t get the chance.  What you will get is impressive, weighty art from Juanfra Mb and moody, scene-setting colors from Veronica López, and Torres telling of how the lore of the Wolf must go on.  Editors Colleen Douglas and Jennifer Van Gessel have done their duty here, leaving no remnants of non-English-first Amigoness that has made some of their recent publications rough reads.  But again, with big events happening off panel or in the background for the sake of shifting to the next scene, Ghost Wolf could do with allowing more pages to tell its interesting, and growing, story.