Doc Stearn… Mr. Monster: Worlds War Two – Michael T. Gilbert

3 out of 5

Energetic art from George Freeman enhancing Michael T. Gilbert’s loopy layouts helps to make a very thin story pleasing enough for a prestige treatment.  But this is a character who is very one note – Mr. Monster bleeds red, white, and blue and beats up monsters while being very cigar-chewy cheeky about it – and we get most of what there is to get in a tale about nazi martians taking over Earth within a couple of chapters.  There are some appreciated attempts at fleshing this out – flashing back to the 50s, when the Martians first started taking over human sleeping agents; showing us Hitler’s post-death brain transplant which allows him to reappear as a three-eyed brain-in-a-jar (with mustache, of course) – but most of this is Stearn clenching his jaw muscles and exploding stuff, with a taglong hippie chick, Annie, to occasionally remind us that the setting is the 60s and to be damseled, and add some pulp flavored T&A.  Gilbert’s layouts are a big plus throughout, zooming around pages with the wildest of angles, and Freeman’s big-muscled style is flexible enough to bring in a cartoonish flair so it works with the page flow.  But… we probably only needed an issue of this, and not the extra pages the prestige format allowed.