Discount Demon Deals – Michael Koehler

5 out of 5

Genius; hilarious; oddly nostalgic, given its fascination with illustrating the gross and grody, albeit with cartoonish glee.

‘Discount Demon Deals’ is essentially a set of parodies of 90s-era comic book ads, recast with demons and thus, fittingly, things demons would be in to, like popsicles with ogre grandad eyeballs and slime collection.  Yes, if you’ve read any books from that era, you’ll get a wondrous whiff of what this stuff is spun from, but even if not, the humor is all there via Koehler’s bubbly, ooky artwork and various ghoulish puns.  Koehler works in the sort of bright, flat world of Michael Deforge, but DDD definitely has a touch of Johnny Ryan Prison Pit grossness to it, which is totally fitting for its subject or parody.

Comes with a fake credit card for all of your ‘Call now!’ demon deals purchases.