Death Note One-Shot Special – Tsugumi Ohba

4 out of 5

While the actual story here – the appearance of a new “Kira,” only killing the elderly, who send requests over the internet – is rather ephemeral, the ‘one-shot special’ (published in English in the All-in-One edition) is an incredibly fun read as a character followup to several players from the main manga.

Matsuda – seen conspiracy-theorizing at the end of the series – has turned in to a more serious type, though still expressing a zealousness toward Kira matter.  Near tells a very interesting story about talking to L while he was at Wammy house, shedding light on his own (and L’s) peculiar motivations, which offers more to chew on regarding the moral greys of Death Note.  Takeshi Obata gets further opportunity to do creepy things with Shinigami and their realm, with Tsugumi Ohba giving us a last minute bit of acknowledgement of Ryuk’s thoughts regarding Light, which are interesting, again, when held up to Ryuk’s final moments in the series.