Dark Horse Comics / DC Comics: The Mask TPB – Various

3 out of 5

Collecting three Mask / DC crossovers – with the Joker, Grifter (of Wildstorm, and thus of DC), and Lobo – this TPB stuffs 8 issues into a flexible, flippable, brightly-printed softcover.  There are extras in the form of sketches with the Joker issues, and a short interview with the creative team on the Lobo issues (which reads like a reprint, and so may have been in the original books), but these aren’t especially engaging additions, so it’s really down to the material collected.

Which is okay, with the Grifter series being awful.  I’m not sure what the audience is; I was Mask curious at the time this came out, and so that’s why I bought it, but I came away not sure if this was a good representation of the character or not.  Otherwise, I feel like you’d have people interested in one character or another who stumble across it similarly, but then you come away with the same impression.

There is the “convenience” factor of owning the original issues, yes.  That’s maybe balanced out by the pricing: I glanced at some of the individual issues online, and the pricing of the trade ($24.99) doesn’t exactly seem like a deal.

It’s a passable read, though I’m not sure I can justify the need for owning it outside of a one-time curiosity or as some aspect of collecting.