Dark Horse Comics (#12 – 13) – Various

1 out of 5

Prettty pointless.

Dark Horse Comics – not Dark Horse Presents, y’all – had to keep reminding its readers that its intention was, mostly, to highlight DH’s licensed characters: Predator, Robocop, etc.  Where are the original titles? readers would ask.  NOT HERE, DHC would remind.

DHC lasted about 20 issues.

For Alien and Predator fans, sure, this stuff might scratch an itch, but I’ve never quite gotten the appeal of those comics, because expanding on the mythology has almost always just amounted to dropping the aliens somewhere else to unleash their killins.  And that’s the case here, in an Aliens bit by Jim Woodring (admittedly why I tracked these down) and a Predator thing from Evan Dorkin, each serialized across the issues.  Making these even more pointless is that both stories are prequels to full-on mini-series each writer would deliver… and it’s all too clear that the barebones concept I outlined above does not need further prequel setup.  Woodring’s hardly makes sense (oh man, we knew the Aliens were bad, but not THIS bad!), with early Killian Plunkett art delivering fun snapshots but completely at a loss to define space from panel to panel; Dorkin’s tries to frame his Predator via a comparison to human serial killers, but it’s just voiceover filler.  Elsewhere in these issues, we get a predictable Thing riff (i.e. a piece of the Thing alien escapes and begins its rampage anew…) and the conclusion to a Predator in Africa tale by Chuck Dixon which seemed like it might’ve been okay as it flipped the script and had the jungle fauna hunting the alien.

Still: I just cannot muster any enthusiasm for this book.  It’s not bad, just, y’know, mostly okay, and mostly uninspired.