Cosmic Adventurer Slimepunk (#1) – Brett Marcus Cook

3 out of 5

Simple and dumb, but enjoyable.  Writer / artist Brett Marcus Cook sets us up on an alien planet, locates on that planet’s tri-continents, and then sets us up on a workaday adventure with slacker Slimepunk, as he sits behind the desk of Cork Mini Storage.

Cook has a pleasingly simplified style and maybe doesn’t craft settings too well, but he makes up for that with a good sense of character and quirky design: most of the players in Slimepunk are complete oddballs without explanation – the title character might be a robot with a perpetually Nickelodeon-slimed torso – but instead of seeming strange-for-strange’s sake, it just sort of vibes with the atmosphere, like, yes, there’s probably a reason for these things, but Slimepunk’s just trying to chill on his break so let’s not get into it…

Some kind of creature shows up and attacks; Cork Mini Storage’s owner, Cork, possibly saves the day; Slimepunk is tasked with an outer space adventure.  The book could frankly do with making up its mind to either be a slacker comedy or carve out a more reasonings for its vague plottings, but its a valid enough first step to take a peek to see where future issues might lead.