Bio-Booster Armor Guyver: Dark Masters TPB (Part Two, VIZ 1995) – Yoshiki Takaya

4 out of 5

It’s still a light touch on plot – hyper zoanoids?  Zoanoid lords?  Why does that guy have a globe in the middle of his forehead? – but damn if the plot isn’t just an addictive jolt of Guuyyyyverrr! uber-dramatics, with ever more complex art from Takaya.  (Although I can’t figure out what’s up with the chick’s gigantic head in Makishima’s hideout…)

Dark Masters collects eight more parts that take us on a couple attempted raids of Relic Point, with some more Guyver features and weaknesses explored, additional Zoanoids types and goofily named members added to the cast, and just a dash more background on The Lost Numbers, that actually helps to make their relevance clearer.  Takaya can’t quite seem to figure out how to properly bring the mysterious ‘reporter’ who’s shacked up with Sho and crew into the plot, but all that’s solved with Guuuuuyyyyvverrr shouts and glorious splash page reveals.  I should take the book to task for reveling in this stuff, but that’s kind of exactly why it works: it revels in it, like a good B-movie, and doesn’t try to waste time by pretending like it’s doing much else.