Battlepug vol. 4 HC – Mike Norton

3 out of 5

Depending on what you like about Battlepug, there’s a little bit of everything in volume 4: some random stuff; some action stuff; some character stuff; some mythic stuff.  I suppose if you like it all, you’re in good standing, but m’self, I tend to like how we started things off: with a good sense of ridiculousness, and just enough hints of lore to ground things.  And after a slightly clunky parting of ways in the forest, we get a good entertaining chunk of the ol’ silly with the barbarian entering a wrestling competition and Bryony fighting a hilarious cat-themed villain.  Norton’s got a great handle on the comedic pacing for both of these hijinks, but this is padded out by some rather cliched quest-tasking (via an essentially drug-fueled vision) and then some equally forced “it’s all connected!” plotting thereafter.

Maybe that’s what you’re here for, and it works for you, but for me, it ends up feeling besides the point, and drags down my fun lil’ webcomic.