Batman R.I.P. TPB – Grant Morrison

5 out of 5

8 issues – plus the interlude from DC Universe 0 – for 15 bucks, plus alternate covers, plus some sketches from Tony Daniels and Morrison… that’s a dang good deal, gang.  Tack on excellent design from Robbie Biederman, which really cooly sequences this stuff to make it feel important, ‘cold opening’ on the interlude bit before going to the title pages, which have a really dramatic flair to them.  I also like that the covers and alternate covers are consistent, and used as chapter breaks instead of gathered at the end of the book – just personal preference.  I could criticize the lack of page numbers, but there are page numbers on the title pages (along with – squee – full credits for each issue!), so it gives you a good idea whereabouts to flip to in the book at least.

The content – which is also pretty great, in case you care about that stuff – is reviewed here and here.