Barb Wire TPB – John Arcudi

1 out of 5

Your job: craft a trade paperback collection of a failed series in preparation for a movie adaptation, bearing in mind that not only was nothing really resolved in the series, but i doesn’t have much to do with the movie beyond the name of the main character. Thereby did we get a Barb Wire TPB, published before the film. Thereby did the trade skip the first issue – fine, it’s not of much importance – and include one part of a two part storyline (the trade collects issues 2, 3, 5, and 6 of the first series – issues 3 and 4 were a two-parter), and conclude with Barb quitting the job which, between the covers of the trade, she never really does much of anyway. I have not seen the movie, but from the wiki summary, nothing that happens in one format actually happens in the other.

The series was bad. It offers no benefits when read as a whole, but it’s hilarious that it got chopped up even more for this attempted cash-in. As a bonus, there’s an article on how cool Dark Horse is for crafting the movie deal as a bonus, and it has publicity pics of Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire, adding heels and stockinged-gloves to an already ridiculous outfit. Enjoy.