Back to the Future: Who Is Marty McFly (#13 – 15) – John Barber, Bob Gale

3 out of 5

This is prime Barber, goofing around with time travel but inserting an intelligent subtext, I just struggle with there being any sense of stakes in the BttF comic.  The way it ducks and weaves through canon forever sets it up as a kind of fanfic extension – Bob Gale’s involvement notwithstanding – and artist Emma Viecelli’s Saturday Morning Cartoon pencils unfortunately service that exact vibe way too much.  So, yeah, this is good if you like your comics harmless, but it makes me wonder what I’m getting for my 4 bucks besides some well done nostalgia.

Who Is Marty McFly has our younger lead back in 1985, questioning what it means that he’s “home” but things aren’t exactly as he recalls.  Doesn’t this mean that he displaced the “real” McFly from this version of the 80s?  And soon enough, a Doc Brown contemporary shows up to confirm Marty’s fears.  …And then there’s the multiple Martys.

Barber keeps it light and moving, and the musings given over to different potential realities are actually interesting, though following those musings too intensely doesn’t amount to much, since the issues are quick to jump to hijinks.  Which is exactly the point, I know, but see my three star shrug above.

If you’re reading this and enjoying it, this is a fun run.  If you’re only casually interested, it’s more of the same, hence my dropping the title before this storyline concludes…