Attack on Titan vol. 3 – Hajime Isayama

2 out of 5

I realize that reading translations of any foreign text can result in some unintended / unfortunate changes, but given that volume 3 of Attack on Titan has the same translator as the previous two volumes, Shel Drzka.  Rather, given that my overwhelming feeling that nothing much happened in this book, I do think the blame goes to the script itself, from creator Hajime Isayama: while AoT is a series with lots of inspired twists and turns and cool concepts, the more complex chunks of information have not come across very smoothly, and the juggling of characters beyond our main trio (Armin, Mikasa, Eren) tends to be clumsy, leading to clunky dialogue exchanges.  In short, Isayama struggles with the writing part of comicing.

Volume 3 is, firstly, more story-centric, which is thus problematic, given that above-mentioned lacking, and then it’s also both a giant stalling tactic and a hiccup past what could’ve been an intriguing plot point.  Instead of diving in to the aftermath of Eren’s transformation, we immediately jump in to an Armin-derived plan of using Eren’s powers to plug up a hole in the wall, which could be a good way to keep momentum going and keep things action focused, except then we just sorta kinda talk about the plan for pages and pages, while characters we don’t care about start to panic.  When we finally do get around to things getting into motion, they fart to a quick stop once more, and then it’s ‘to be continued’ in volume 4…

So nothing much happens, and what does happen suffers from Hajime’s clunky writing style.