Alone – The Red Cairns (Book 4) – Fabien Vehlmann

5 out of 5

Another brilliant expansion upon the Alone-verse, circling back around to previous books while continuing to evolve the characters, and what we know.

The group has buss’ed off with some of Book 3’s remainders, establishing a new (and impressive) sanctuary while they take daily trips for supplies, and to revisit their prior homes to follow up on hints of What Happened.  Vehlmann, within the span of pages, takes our core group on an amazing circuit of maturity and responsibility, Dodzi struggling with his role as leader in a true-to-life fashion and then reacting to events soberly, so lacking in the normal page-filling dramatics most authors might use to stretch things out unnecessarily.  Gazzotti gives these developments the perfect touch of emotion and expression, while our creators also manage to stuff in an insane set piece of a museum raid, as well as the mystery / oddity of the titular cairns.