Alone: The Lowlands (Book Seven) – Fabien Vehlmann

5 out of 5

Just know that everything that Vehlmann and Gazzotti have done well in Alone they do great here.

The series seems to be at its best when the characters are in constant motion: somehow, Vehlmann is able to work in all of the necessary character development while also juggling insane plot twists, and Gazzotti keeps up by packing each panel with clearly defined action and properly expressive representations for all the dialogue beats.  The pairing off of Dodzi and Saul is filled with glorious tension in book seven, as the two again work side by side – with very different feelings regarding what that means – to try to find a way out of their new situation, which is made all the worse by an encroaching fog.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew has to deal with what’s in that fog.  And then there are bugs.

Because the series hasn’t defied anything it’s previously established, and only added to it, I find myself torn between wanting to read the next book right away and go back and reread to more fully appreciate the growth these characters have been through in such a short time.  Whatta tuff life I lead.