Allen Son of Hellcock (#1) – Will Tracy & Gabe Koplowitz

2 out of 5

We’ve seen this before + cheap presentation = minor amusement.

In a swords and magiks fantasy land, the ultimate hero – Hellcock – is eventually vanquished by the ultimate villain, Lord Krong.  Flash forward years later, and Krong has conquered all.  Will Hellcock’s son, Allen, avenge his father and save the land?

…Probably not, as Allen is a layabout cartoonist, wearing frumpy sweatshirts and going to therapy while the ghost of his father juts around and mocks him for not being manly.  The ‘offspring doesn’t want to inherit the mantle’ comedy isn’t new, but that doesn’t preclude it still being funny, and Hellcock starts off well enough, with sprightly – if indie sloppy – art (Miguel Porto), and a self-aware appreciation of fantasy tropes when telling Hellcock’s tale.  But once we jump to Allen’s present, the book becomes a rather unfunny series of lazy parodies and a tunnel-vision subplot of Allen trying to get a girlfriend.  The embrasure of genre the book showed is traded for outright geek mockery, and it becomes clearer that someone just thought that the name Hellcock was funny, and double funny to give him a son named Allen.  Surely that writes itself…?

The icing on the cake is horrible lettering that either purposefully cuts the top off of letters, or perhaps horrible editing that didn’t catch that in the proofs – along with missing letters in certain areas.  This adds a distractingly cheap veneer that doesn’t help elevate the humor.