Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens (#6) – Rich Tommaso, Meredith Gran

3 out of 5

Note: that rating?  It only applies to the Rich Tommaso backup, which is why I bought this.  I could be unfair and rate the feature – perhaps knock on its complete lack of pacing – but if I’m only reading the final issue of six, that’s not very nice, is it?

In ‘Coffin Break,’ Tommaso pits Marceline ‘gainst a member from a rival band, the minotaur Stag Lee Roth.  While showing off some planned stage tricks, Roth tries to put the kibosh on ol’ Marceline, only to be defeated by twizzlers.

…Which is to say: this is a short gag strip, but it’s quick, silly, and definitely enjoyable.  Tommaso, following the kaboom! publishing m.o., gets to be a lot more colorful than usual, and though some of the Adventure Time cutey-pie characters are a little juxtaposed to his comix stylings, it works with the general quirkiness, and it’s also fun to see BMO and such rendered in Rich’s flat style.