Adventure Time Comics (#6) – Various

4 out of 5

I go back and forth (…on everything…) on how certain comic types should be handled.  In this case, the specific genre of TV-adapted kids’ comics: To ongoing or one-shot?  Most of the time we’ll get a publisher doing both, as it is with Adventure Time, AT Comics being the one-shotty variation.  I gave up on the show and the ongoing comic for various reasons, which then carried over to politely ignoring this title.  However: When the title started, I thought it was the right move – my preferred Adventure Time from the era when it was more reliably random per episode – and this that structure being matched by a short story book like Comics.  Plus: A rotating creative crew meant it was likely someone I dug would show up there sooner or later.

Lo: Ryan Browne of God Hates Astronauts awesomeness makes his appearance.  And though he’s toned down the wacky sound effects and (obviously) his penchant for ridiculous violence to step into the Adventure Time works, this short quest for taco ingredients absolutely has the man’s madcap humor on display.  He doesn’t go too far off map with his character design, but the colors get that slight Ryan Browne tweak.  A worthwhile investment for fans.

Elsewhere, Shaenon Garrity (with Roger Langridge on art) delivers a pretty hilarious and wacky date-an-ice-king princess reality show parody… and it might actually be the best bit in the book, with a truly out there (and awesome) ending.  Kelsey Wroten has Finn and Jake conducting roommate auditions, and Annie Mok and Rachel Dukes tries to set up a play date with Ice King and the boys.  (Spoiler: To no avail.)  These latter two are acceptable: Good energy, good pacing, and not just build-ups to punchlines (which is generally what gets on my nerves with these types of books).

What would have been nice – from an editing point of view – is if they would either allow their creators to work further outside of the house style, or, if there’s no limitation on that, line up the issues so that there’s some variation: Every entry in issue 6 has touches of its creator(s), but all of them sort of look like Adventure Time first and foremost.

Maybe not a monthly read (for me), but the title captures the original essence of the shoe, and issue 6 has a pretty solid collection of offerings.