Action Force (#17) – Grant Morrison, Various

3 out of 5

Marvel UKs half original / half reprint GI Joe comic.  I don’t own any other Marvel UKs from this era, but these things are printed on the cheap, man – the whole thing, covers and all, is thin, newspapery stock, but with just enough gloss to keep the colors bright.  Not a criticism of the contents, but it definitely makes the book feel disposable.

What I’ll assume is our new entry comes from Simon Furman, and has ‘Quick Kick’ facing off against some bad guy; a fight that we’ll assume has been building up in parts prior.  This is highlighted on the cover, which makes it kind of hilarious how quickly it’s all over, but it’s a fun couple of pages still, with solid figurework from Kev Hopgood.  What I’ll assume is reprint material, from Larry Hama, is a bit wandering.  Since it’s likely chopped up from a regular length comic, we’ll attribute it to that, but our clip here has some Joe-ers (Or Action Force-ers) repairing a ship when they’re attacked by a couplea’ Cobra kids, including Destro.  Elsewhere, Cobra discusses their humorous plans to insert undercover agents named ‘Smith’ into the populace – essentially lookalike salesmen.  Grant Morrison then gives us a recap of Shang-Chi’s origin with Steve Yeowell.  There’s really nothing remarkable here, but it’s a concise job.

The letters page has a nice, light tone to it.  Also includes a one page datasheet on some Joe accessories.