3-D Cowboy’s 2-D Spectacular! Preview Edition – Ryan Browne

5 out of 5

I know, it don’t make no sense when I gave the non-preview version of this a low score, but: a little seemingly goes a long way here, in two respects: this is what it says – a preview of a graphic novel, so only a portion of it – and Browne ended up inserting extra dialogue into the full version that, frankly, added an edge of overkill that made it significantly less enjoyable.

The framing structure of 3-D Cowboy telling his son, 3-D Millenial some narrated vignettes (illustrated by guests) is still included, by Ryan had far fewer interections from Millenial at this point, and, magically, without his dose of swearing and teen talk, the humor sinks back below that balancing line of crass and cute to classic GHA territory.

And, more generally, because these are such short bursts of story, into which Ryan over-exerted his humor (presumably giving each guest artist the full GHA opportunity), paring down to a few choice cuts is for the best.

Flipping back through the GN to compare, I had more appreciation for it, but this preview still tops it.  And I actually think I prefer the black and white line art as well.