Chevelle – Still Running (from the Punisher soundtrack)

4 out of 5

Label: Wind-Up

Produced by: Chevelle

An earlier mix of the same song from This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In).

Chevelle’s third album was a mixed bag for me – a half-step free of the more generic nu metal of Wonder What’s Next, but still hemmed in by a singles approach, and radio friendly-er production. There are a handful of great tracks on the disc, though, and Still Running was one of those. While the album mix of the track is a bit tighter a quicker, it’s also cleaner sounding; this version on the Punisher soundtrack has some minor timing flubs, but sounds incredibly raw – the guitar, drums, and vocals hits harder – which makes it edge out the latter mix for me. The bridge is still the track’s soft spot, though (raw or not); it’s a “we need a bridge here” lax transition that was found in a lot of the Wonder What’s Next / This Type of Thinking songs.