Cage! TPB – Genndy Tartakovsky

4 out of 5

Collects a very much so-so mini-series with Luke Cage’s pretty awesome origin issue.

The rating is for the value of the collection: the price is good, at $15, considering the original Genndy issues were $4 a piece, and the bright printing quality is very ideal very Tartakovsky’s bold artwork and the psychedelic colors. The reprint suffers from the same blown-out colors of all Marvel reprints in these floppies (i.e. these colors on newsprint looked rich; on glossy pages they’re way too bright and flat), but it’s still a nice inclusion, and the printing quality aside from that is aces.

The general design (Adam Del Re) – credits page; interstitial pages – is nice, and covers + variants are included. The variants are reproduced undersized, but it’s still a nice bonus for a budget-priced set.