Bush – Swallowed (CD1, UK version)

2 out of 5

Label: Interscope

Produced by: Various

While it’s nice having some non-album tracks in one place, this single also feels rather lazy. 

Firstly – why a radio edit of Swallowed? Radio edits are, I guess, a thing you might want if you’re an absolute completionist, but I don’t know a radio cut that’s definitely been preferable over the original, and especially not in this case, when the edit is just a lame fade out… 

Secondly: Glycerine? Glycerine is your other album track? A song not from the album this single is from, and, of course, Bush’s most popular – and perhaps most eye-rolling, depending on your tolerances. So this just reads as ultimate filler. 

The non-album tracks are both quality, with Broken TV on the import version of Razorblade (or the White Man’s Burden soundtrack), and In A Lonely Place from The Crow: City of Angels, but the latter is just poorly sequenced: we’re only ever allotted one acoustic-y Gavin track, and they used that up here on Glycerine. But the song would be hard to sequence in general, since it’s one of those rare Bush tracks where Gavin writes an indie song (this one kinda sounds like FACS, for real). 

(Broken TV still rocks, though, sticking out as one of the group’s harsher tracks.)