Bubbles O’Seven (#2) – Grainne McEntee

3 out of 5

I owned issue #1 of Bubbles O’Seven digitally, and enjoyed it enough to purchase issue #2, at which point I saw that it was an ongoing series, so planned to wait until more issues were released digitally to read them all… except Comixology did not end up getting those ‘more issues.’ And now, #1 seems to no longer download. That’s the backstory on why I’m only reviewing #2 – its been too long since I read the previous one to weigh in on it.

…Judging from this issue, though (and publisher Bounce Comics’ site), I guess the pitch was for each one of these to be a standalone deal anyway – maybe with some ongoing story beats? – and be handled by a different artist. Lee Killeen handled this issue, and unfortunately doesn’t make much of an impression – panels are fairly bare, figures are stiff, and some janky choreography / spacing doesn’t necessarily make the concepts land as well as they could. However, there is a good sense of personality for our lead “MI7” secret chimpanzee agent, Bubbles, and his various other animal fellow agents / villains, as well as the Bond-ish humans that populate the agency. This works well for writer Grainne McEntee, whose script is definitely more dialogue / character / situational-based than being a goofy animal slapstick-fest, and so the various scenarios presented here are generally amusing enough, often told with a droll wit that’s fitting for the character.

Not being a big Bond guy, I’m not sure if there are specific films being parodied here; the script jumps rather clunkily between two “operations” involving some baboons and a verocious kitty, and then there’s a random cutaway to a seen in which Bubbles is tied down and being interrogated, which maybe the ongoing story beat I questioned above…

All of it is definitely a bit too much for Grainne to smoothly effect in 20 pages, making it a choppy, if enjoyable read.