Brit-Cit Babes (pkgd. w/ JD Meg #299) – John Wagner

2 out of 5

A bit of stylish noir that nails everything in its first few pages – two of Brit Cit’s version of Wally Squad undercovers negotiate their way toward Iceman, a notorious pimp – that spends its remaining chapters in search of a voice, with Wagner not really able to open up the concept, and artist Steve Sampson’s impressionistic photo-capture style great for night-life conversations, but a dull thud when it comes to action. 

The first chapter, navigating lead copper Shea (in her guise as a party girl) into the company of “Iceman,” while other undercover K.C. gets picked up by Ice’s lackeys, is effective, leading up to at least one solid wrinkle regarding Shea, suggesting there was maybe a future planned for the character. 

…But that gets quashed in the remaining four chapters, which drag on and on K.C.’s rescue, unfortunately damseling Shea a bit and also seemingly forgetting how that aforementioned wrinkle would’ve easily resolved things, though Sampson’s art, again, maybe doesn’t help distract us from such gaps. 

Also includes a Wagner / Sampson unrelated one-shot which is a good outing for the duo – a Dredd-adjacent oner that allows for a balanced application of Steve’s abilities.