Bonding (#0) – Matthew Erman

2 out of 5

Look, it’s free, but it’s intended as a preview, and preview issues’ main job – in my mind – is to get me interested in whatever it’s previewing. Bonding’s scant few pages are enough to wave a worthwhile plot idea under our noses, but the minimal bit of story to which we’re exposed here amounts to not much more than just pitching that idea – like the blurb you read before downloading the comic is exactly the same experience.

We get to see Emily Pearson’s art, fair enough, which is brightly colored and has a nice balance of cartoonish stylization between its humans and aliens and whatnot, but beyond knowing that this is aimed at younger readers, we can’t really get a feel for the tone or pacing of the book, which would be important for me to decide on reading more.

In “Bonding,” it seems that there’s an alien race living alongside humans, but potentially of a higher “caste” than them, and encourages the use of a device that affixes to their body – a slug – which feeds off of their anxieties. Externalized worries – it’s a good idea. And the draw-a-slug submission bit tacked on to this preview is fun, but I would’ve preferred more content so that I could potentially be drawn further in – that’s really the main reason for the low rating, because it’s impossible to say much about the quality of the work at this point. (And yet, I still wrote three paragraphs on it.)