Bob Byrne’s Twisted Tales (pkgd. w/ JD Meg #425) – Bob Byrne

2 out of 5

A full floppy collection of Bob Byrne’s Twisted Tales, after the initial set from the Chimera Code floppy a couple months back, and my feelings on the strip – since Byrne pretty much functioned always in the same style – remain the same: interesting concepts, but repetitive when collected together, and the silent, small-paneled format often makes them harder to read than they should be. I’d say it’s even worse, here, with more on display, as my problems with Byrne’s presentation become clearer: that his work reads like storyboards, indicating ideas that could be added to with other direction or a supporting script, but somewhat lacking in motion (and sense) on their own. So not only is there now an increased dosage of his “something small that you wouldn’t expect to be small versus something big” Twilight Zone spins, but after several pages of trying to suss out what he’s trying to convey between panels, your eyes – or mine at least – gloss over.