Blackploid – Cosmic Traveler

3 out of 5

Label: Central Processing Unit

Produced by:  Martin Matiske

Cosmic Traveller’s opening Electric Engine is goddamned perfection. It’s Drexciya futurism given an old-school funkified edge, nudged onto modern dancefloors with masterful elector flourish, Blackploid (Martin Matiske) shifting things back and forth between a sense of ominousness and fun, keeping us on edge before we get too used to one or the other. His penchant for immediately grabbing, grooving beats definitely carries over to the rest of the album – each track is built around a core, strutting ditty that’s unavoidably head-bobbing – but it seems like Engine was allowed an extra added bit of oomph that’s not present on the rest of the EP: each track thereafter is two minutes of material looped to five minutes, displaying all of its tricks early on and then casually doing its thing thereafter. For aforementioned head-bobbing: this works. Cosmic Traveller is crazily pleasant, and I don’t want to undersell how cool the riff of each track is, but a couple of the songs literally stop in the middle, and then just repeat, almost like we’re trying to get to a runtime minimum.